• The Most Absurdly Expensive Cat Breeds

    The most expensive cat on this list costs more than a luxury car! Cats practically take care of themselves, but it is still pretty hard to fathom paying thousands of dollars for one.

  • What Will Happen When Trump Becomes President?

    Once viewed as an outsider with no chance of winning the election, Trump will now become the 45th President of the United States. The social and economic impacts are not yet known, but based on statements made during the campaign and the people he’s hired since winning, here are our predictions for what happens under a Trump presidency.

  • 12 Apps To Help You Sit On Fat Stacks Right Now

    yNow that the holiday season has arrived, we’re all feeling a little strapped for cash, but there are ways to make extra money without having to sell your plasma! Check out these amazing apps that will have you sitting on some fat stacks of cash before Santa can say “ho ho ho.”

  • 15 Most Unbelievable Moments Of The 2016 Presidential Race

    The 2016 presidential election was one unlike any other in America’s 240-year history. Riddled with scandals, lies, and bombastic statements, the campaign was filled with all sorts of big moments that we’ve gathered here for your viewing pleasure.

  • 15 Embarrassing Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

    The jobs you took on as an adolescent to make money and show your parents that you were responsible probably gives you pause. And that’s because those jobs weren’t the best, and were often times miserable. Celebrities understand your pain because they had to go through the same thing before they could reach the top.

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