15 Truths The Car You Drive Reveals About You

1. A Luxury SUV


Source: Lexani.com

A fancy SUV and a bad attitude go hand-in-hand.

This one is such a cliché that it’s almost a fact. What is it about luxury SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade or any kind of Hummer that seem to attract jerks and sociopaths like moths to a flame? Is there a law that says that if you own such a car, you have to cut in lines, lean on your horn, switch lanes with impunity, and/or flip the bird at the least provocation?

We think there must be, because such boorish behavior is ubiquitous in the streets of most urban centers. Add bottom feeder points for having a vanity plate with “Winning” or “AllStar” or some variation of self-promoting nonsense imprinted on it.