This Is What Happens When A Royal Becomes A Commoner

Sarah Ferguson: Life after royalty

Many people would assume that anyone who is a part of the royal family, or anyone who ever has ben a part of it, would never have to worry about money again. However, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, shows that this is not the case. Since divorcing her way straight out of the royal family, she’s been on a financial rollercoaster. At one point, she very nearly became the first royal to have to file bankruptcy.

In 2010, after many failed business deals, she was in about £2,000,000 of debt and was being sued for  £200,000 by a firm of solicitors. She lost several members of her full-time staff as well.

This is not the first time since her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996 that she has run into financial troubles. Fergie, as she is well known, was also reported to be living beyond her means soon after the divorce, but she was reported in 1998 to have paid off those debts by becoming an ambassador for multiple companies in the United States. She even started her own company, Hartmoor, which ended up falling apart.

After Sarah’s company crashed, she needed help — and it would come from an unlikely source. In 2010, she actually managed to convince the royal family to help her settle her debts. We can only imagine that given her behavior up to that point the conversation was an awkward one. By 2011, her debts had been cleared with their help.

Now, she is reported to be living in a Swiss chalet worth £13,000,000, legally purchased by herself and Andrew, although Andrew is the one who is paying the mortgage. As such, even though she has lived a rather lavish lifestyle even after dissociating herself from the royal family, it appears that she’s still managed to use their pocket book to keep up the royal lifestyle.