Secret Savings Techniques Of The Wealthy


A few interesting saving techniques the wealthy live by.

If there’s one thing that could frustrate a person about the wealthy, it’s how they became wealthy to begin with. Since this question isn’t always easy to answer, it does take a game plan and some preparation before a bank account can swell. Thankfully, we’re going to provide some helpful tips so that you can climb your way to the 1%. With this being said, here’s a look at some saving techniques of the wealthy.

Safety First

Although many assume the first step towards wealth is a lucky lottery ticket, the real answer couldn’t be further from a stroke of luck. Wealthy are very cautious before putting their money in one place. Some even turn over every rock on the internet for the best deals on money market accounts, CDs, and FDIC-insured options. In addition to this, they’ll hug close to treasury bills, fixed income, and fixed assets.

With the FDIC only insuring up to $250,000, many wealthy individuals open multiple savings accounts with solid institutions for bringing in liquid returns. This way if a bank happens to fail, the wealth can still be retrieved if it is under the $250,000 mark. Some wealthy even have the instinct to know whether or not a bank is in need of funds or if it would be just as fine without their business.

Protecting Themselves From Inflation

Just like the little people, wealthy are terrified of rising prices eating up their savings. Although it may seem as they would have less to worry about in terms of things costing more, inflation is a common enemy that everyone dislikes. The reason for this is that inflation allows your savings to buy less, which essentially wipes out any hard work you’ve put into a savings account.

For example, a thousand dollars in 2010 may not buy you as much as it does now. Even if the thousand dollars itself is from 2010, the weight doesn’t carry over or adjust to the current market worth. A million dollars would set an entire family for life in the early 1900’s, but a million dollars in the early 2000’s may only raise a few kids until they finish college.

To avoid this circumstance from happening, many wealthy invest into products so that their income can remain current with inflation. Aside from doing this, wealthy often put their money into commodities such as gold so funds remain in good standing… no matter how bad the financial climate may be.

Listening To Experts

Much like water and oil, the wealthy does not like taxes. How much do you ask? Well, the wealthy dislike taxes so much that they’re willing to see an expert to get involved with tax-exempt investments and municipal bonds. Some individuals are well off to the point where they can invest in municipal bonds with high ratings, as higher rating are proven to be stable investments being backed by insurance companies.

Although it may take some solid strategy making before you’ll see your bank account swell, the information above can get you heading in the right direction. It may take money to make money, but knowing how to get there is the hardest part.