The 15 Richest LGBTQ Celebrities In The World

15. Ellen Page


Source: Helga Esteb /

The movie star is worth a cool $14 million.

Although American audiences have only known Ms. Page since she starred in Juno in 2007, she has been acting in Canada since she was 10. With roles on shows like Pit Pony, ReGenesis, and Trailer Park Boys, she was popular with Canadian audiences for years before she broke into the American market.

When Page first got her big break in Hollywood, she kept quiet about her sexuality. Her work as a pregnant teenager in Juno earned her respect amongst film critics and audiences, which lead to several other high profile (and high paying) roles.

Page didn’t come out as a lesbian until 2014 when she made a speech at the A Time to Thrive conference to raise awareness for the safety of LGBT youth. Since then, she has been a strong advocate for the community.