• 13 Secret Ways To Save Money At Target

    When we shop at big box stores, we expect to get the lowest prices. But some people, like Christie Palmer, have taken it to the next level and turned saving money at Target a science.

  • 23 Former Celebrities Who Are Now Working Normal Jobs

    When stars are past their prime, whether they want to or not, still have to pay the bills. Some found their calling as lawyers or authors while others became racecar drivers and spin class instructors. Click next to see what some actors are doing now for their full-time jobs.

  • The Most Absurdly Expensive Cat Breeds

    Who knew cats could be so expensive? The most expensive cat on this list costs more than a luxury car! Cats practically take care of themselves, but it is still pretty hard to fathom paying thousands of dollars for one. All of these cat breeds’ prices are average for a purebred cat. Click through to […]

  • 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

    One celebrity spent over $2 million to fly out their friends and family, another star got live performances with the Black Eyed Peas and the wedding dresses, cost a fortune themselves.

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