EDM Cash Kings: The Top 10 Highest Paid DJs In The World

10. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike


Source: Turn Up The Bass

DJ brother duo made $15.5 million, are influenced by hip-hop, and was personally chosen by Lady Gaga to remix her music.

Dimitri and Michael Thivaios are the Greco-Belgian brothers. Dimitri Vegas moved to Ibiza when he was only a teenager to start DJing and Mike produced hip-hop. Their music has been greatly influenced by hip-hop music. Like Mike said, “We got in touch with some rappers and did some collaborations with some old-school heroes that we grew up with. In the meanwhile, we’ve also been doing some more experimental stuff, some deeper stuff, more techie stuff that we also grew up with after the hip hop when we moved to Ibiza, so it’s basically going back to the roots a little bit right now.”

The two of them have been reading comics ever since they were kids. “He thinks he’s Spiderman,” Mike has said about Dimitri. They even starred in their TomorrowLand comic book, which was written by Paul Jenkins, the same writer for the Spider-Man comics.

They helped produce Lady Gaga’s remix track “Marry the Night” in 2011, after she chose selected them.

It seems like partying runs in the family because his grandparents were in the crowds of Tomorrowland 2012 while they watched their grandsons perform.