• 12 Reality TV Stars That Went Broke: Celebrity Money Mistakes To Avoid

    We remember them from reality TV, but after their 15 minutes of fame, what happens to them? They may have won a million dollars, became celebrities, but we never hear from them again. That’s because they’re broke. These reality TV stars got caught up in the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood and wasted the millions of dollars we only wish and dream we had.

  • EDM Cash Kings: The Top 10 Highest Paid DJs In The World

    EDM has been taking over. With the swirl of synthesizers, amazing vocals, and psychedelic light shows you can’t help but get pumped up and have fun at events like EDC, TomorrowLand, and Nocturnal. But how much do these DJs make a year?

  • Britney Spears’ Money Issues Running Rampant

    Many fans of Britney Spears know that she had a pretty major breakdown in 2008. Even though we generally see stars as people who have tons of money and can spend it however they want, this is not the case for Britney. She does not get to spend her money exactly as she wants without needing to have somebody else sign off on it.

  • Secret Savings Techniques Of The Wealthy

    If there’s one thing that could frustrate a person about the wealthy, it’s how they became wealthy to begin with. Since this question isn’t always easy to answer, it does take a game plan and some preparation before a bank account can swell. Thankfully, we’re going to provide some helpful tips so that you can climb your way to the 1%. With this being said, here’s a look at some saving techniques of the wealthy.

  • 11 Best Cars To Buy In 2016

    There are a lot of cars out there to buy that can make shopping for your ideal car a hassle. When it comes to assessing the value of a car we’ve narrowed it down by small car, pickup truck, to luxury to help you figure out which car is right for you.

  • 13 Secret Ways To Save Money At Target

    When we shop at big box stores, we expect to get the lowest prices. But some people, like Christie Palmer, have taken it to the next level and turned saving money at Target a science.

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