• The Most Absurdly Expensive Cat Breeds

    The most expensive cat on this list costs more than a luxury car! Cats practically take care of themselves, but it is still pretty hard to fathom paying thousands of dollars for one.

  • 12 Apps To Help You Sit On Fat Stacks Right Now

    yNow that the holiday season has arrived, we’re all feeling a little strapped for cash, but there are ways to make extra money without having to sell your plasma! Check out these amazing apps that will have you sitting on some fat stacks of cash before Santa can say “ho ho ho.”

  • 15 Celebrity Women And Their Cars

    A lot of men try to make money and buy expensive cars to impress women. They think that fancier cars will attract more elegant women. The thing they don’t realize, though, is that women can take the driving and luxury car buying into their hands.

  • It Just Got A Lot Easier To Buy Your First Home

    For first-time home buyers, a down payment of 20% can seem like a steep hill to climb, but several financial institutions have recently launched programs that make buying a home easier. For many people, owning their own home is finally within reach!

  • 15 Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

    When we go to Las Vegas, we’re usually on vacation and have a few hundred to spend on gambling, but the next time you step into that casino, you should know the house is doing everything they can to suck out as much money from you as possible.

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