• 15 Reason Why Weed Should Be Legalized

    With a massive number of cannabis legalization bills on ballots around the country, a lot of people have an important decision to make. With that in mind, we’re here to tell you why legalization isn’t just good news for your hippie neighbor — it’s good news for all of America!

  • The Unbelievable Net Worths Of 13 Politicians’ Kids

    These days, running for president takes a dump truck full of cash from political donors, as well as being really, really rich beforehand. Much like trickle-down economics, the money of famous politicians tends to migrate down to their children. Check out the outrageous net worths of politician’s kids.

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    Sure life in the spotlight might seem like it’s all fast cars and champagne, but these stars prove that with a little effort, even the most well-paid celebrities can wind up broke as a joke.

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    Source: Huffington Post If you were a Hollywood star, would you want to be a movie star or a television star? Well, when you see how much money these TV stars get paid per episode you ought to head over to NBC or CBS. These stars are paid the big bucks, and for every episode, […]

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  • The Top 14 Most Insane Salaries Of College Football Coaches

      The NCAA is pulling in almost $1 billion in revenue each year. About 90% of this comes from television and marketing rights. With so much money floating around, you have to ask yourself – how much are college football coaches paid? With the start of football season just kicking off, it will be exciting to see […]

  • Top 10 Richest MMA Fighters Of 2016

    Although MMA is not as famous as boxing and several other sports, it does have a steady flow of followers and business supporters. Over the last 15 years, massive raises have been given to MMA fighters, making MMA an extremely lucrative sport. Before its huge spike in popularity, people would only compete for pride and a few dollars. Now, however, fighters could make millions of dollars just fighting in the cage.

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    We remember them from reality TV, but after their 15 minutes of fame, what happens to them? They may have won a million dollars, became celebrities, but we never hear from them again. That’s because they’re broke. These reality TV stars got caught up in the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood and wasted the millions of dollars we only wish and dream we had.