Britney Spears’ Money Issues Running Rampant

Britney Spears Money Issues
Source: She Knows

Many fans of Britney Spears know that she had a pretty major breakdown in 2008. Even though we see stars as people who have tons of money and can spend it however they want, this is not the case for Britney. She does not get to spend her money exactly as she wants without needing to have somebody else sign off on it. Ever since her breakdown, her father, Jamie Spears, has become her court-approved conservator. He has a role in her custody arrangement concerning her two sons, he is responsible for her physical well-being, and he oversees her finances as well.

Her father oversees and coordinates her business and personal expenses, even going so far as to coordinate what she spends on her costumes for her performances. Spears is worth 31 million dollars and pays her father a salary of $130,000 a year for his job as her financial conservator. She earns about $1 million per week, and as of her last birthday, she is worth $185 million. However, her father doesn’t keep too tight a reign on her spending, as in 2015 alone, she spent $67,800 on massages, nails, and grooming. She also spent $37,360 on her pets and $62,813 on her wardrobe.

Even though Britney has expressed in the past that she feels that this arrangement puts too much control of her life in her father’s hands, it seems to be benefiting her quite a bit, as she has experienced quite a career comeback since her father has been put in charge.

Eight years after the conservatorship has started, Britney seems to approve of the arrangement and has even approved small increases in her father’s annual salary for this position, as well as his request to have 1.5 percent of the revenue that she received from her Las Vegas Piece of Me concert series.

It is unclear whether the role that her father has in her finances will ever end; right now, it is said that it will continue for the rest of her life. In typical cases, the conservatorship continues until the conservatee or family expresses negative feelings about the situation.

There are hints that Britney is ready to break free of the situation, considering that she recently shared a meme with her millions of followers with the following text: “Don’t let others make you feel guilty for living your life. It’s YOUR life. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, live it YOUR way.”