12 Apps To Help You Sit On Fat Stacks Right Now


Source: AMC

Unless you’re a titan of industry with cash to burn, you’re no doubt feeling a little pressed for money now that the holiday season has arrived. With travel plans to make, presents to buy, and a smorgasbord of holiday food and drinks that seem to suck the greenbacks out of our wallets like some sort of paper magnet, more than a few of us are no doubt trying to ask Santa for some extra money this year.

In the past, when somebody needed some quick cash they could do something like sell plasma or subject themselves to paid medical testing. Thanks to technology, however, these dark days are behind us and there’s a number of options for somebody who needs some extra income in a hurry.

Check out our list of apps (that are NOT Uber, Lyft, or Airbnb) that will have you sitting on fat stacks before Santa can say “ho ho ho.”