15 Celebrities Who Are Broke

1. Tyga

Tyga for celebrities who are broke article

Source: Instagram @kinggoldchains

Consistently making poor financial decisions and keeping up with a Jenner can make you go broke.

According to reports, Tyga secretly filed for bankruptcy in February 2010. With the current way he’s handling his finances, he may actually need to file for bankruptcy again soon.

This past August, the rapper’s Ferrari was repossessed after he neglected to pay the lease for a few months. Earlier that same month, Tyga had to pay his landlord $186,000 after reaching a settlement with another property owner several weeks prior. 

Even though his financial decisions are almost as bad as the reviews of The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, it seems that keeping up with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner is preventing him from changing his ways. The rapper got Jenner a 2016 Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600 for her 19th birthday, which, by the way, starts at $189,000.